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The sinister mistake of human civilization

In the world the damage is increasing and human civilization has a growing threat of a catastrophic crisis.
International institutions The and governments are looking for the cause.
Targeted research has revealed that the primary source of increasing damage is the work of the Central Bank (CB).
The objective of the CB is to maintain price stability by ensuring the stability of its currency and conducting monetary policy in accordance with the requirements of the adopted laws.
The complexity of business processes is an obstacle for the CB to achieve the intended objective. The Bank has significant opposites: (1) benefits from beneficial holdings and (2) business damages.
In October 2018, US President Donald Trump publicly presented the truth that the US suffered damages from the US Federal Reserve. Similarly to the United States, the damage from the work of the respective CB affects the state.
The conclusion is: The CB has no ability to operate without incurring incidental damage.

In order to escape from collateral damage from the CB, the respective government now applies absolute assurance of economic growth. This approach has the quality of a basic mode of management. It creates wealth, but creates conditions for new collateral damage from the CB. Unlimited contiguous damages from the CB contribute to the emergence of economic crises. Governments are using loans to protect the state from ruin. Confirmed: economic growth is not enough to save unlimited concomitant damage from the work of the CB.
In the absence of a successful counter-action against collateral damage from the CB, respectively, the government is in an economic trap. The more the ministers work for economic growth - the more they are the collateral damage from the CB. The Prime Minister has a failed failure.
Example:Uninterrupted collateral damage from the European Central Bank has ensured the political failure of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The constant increase in collateral damage from the work of the CB proves admission of irregularity. For the first time in the world, the basic way to manage a monetary system with absolute economic growth was introduced at the initiative of John Law in 1716. In his case, the fatal weakness is the lack of proper counter-treatment against incidental damages by the CB. Preserving this wrong way has increased incidental damages from the CB.
The salvation of human civilization from a catastrophic crisis is achievable. It is vital for the country concerned to act as a true counterparty against incidental damages by the CB. This improvement in the monetary system is a global innovation. The same creates the correct basic way of managing a monetary system with joint (1) CBs, (2) stable economic growth and (3) a successful counter-performance against collateral damage from CB operations.
The sustainable prosperity of human civilization is only possible in the course of proper protection against incidental damage from the work of the CB.

11.02.2019 Ivan Mitev - economist

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