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The mistake of the central banks is a crime against humanity

At the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly, political leaders presented a number of economic problems. They are silent on "How does the central bank issue money"?
There is widespread application of a model for the issue of non-gold * money introduced for the first time in the world in 1716. A major weakness is the lack of protection against damage from not having the full economic value of the non-gold money. The error creates conditions for damage. The occurrence of debt crises is ensured. International institutions are neglecting: this model of issuing money is incorrect.
Every day the public assesses the work of politicians. State leaders are often blamed for the damage. Are the charges against the politicians justified?
In the presence of bank failure, the more economic growth politicians work - the greater the damage. There are times when an inaction or action by an institution delays the onset of a crisis. This is at the expense of future inflated damages. Politicians are the fates of victims. The damage caused by the lack of full economic value for money ensures the failure of the government.
In the country concerned, the central cause of the current damage is the malfunctioning of the central bank. Making a mistake makes sustainable development impossible. The massive ill effects of the conditions created prove that the error of the central banks is a crime against humanity.
Non-gold money is more valuable than gold money. What should be done with non-gold money issues?
The options are:
1. When the central bank uses the wrong model for issuing non-gold money - it has increasing damage. Debt crises then arise because there is a significant cause: the central bank is wrongly issuing money. The public holding is stricken. People suffer new damage.
2. Sustainable prosperity of a country is possible when its central bank correctly issues no gold money.
The problem is (1) to maintain the lack of protection against lack of full economic value for money or (2) to protect against lack of full economic value of money?
Ignoring the central bank's money-issuing model may not offer an accurate crisis rescue recommendation.
The right solution is to end the local manifestation of a centuries-old mistake. This approach saves the relevant holding from the current essential cause of crises.
Now the most important thing is for the public to realize the vital need to issue money properly.
Modern civilization can be saved. In a particular country, the widespread evil in the world can be eliminated by protecting against the lack of full economic value of its non-gold money.
The improvement in the work of the central bank creates the conditions for sustainable development.
- No gold money is secured with gold money.
- Gold money is secured with gold money.

Ivan Mitev - economist

The translation from Bulgarian into English was done through a Google translation.

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