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We suffer from harmful interventions of the Central Bank

In 2018, in a relevant state, the public is aware of the Central Bank Act. The important thing is - the legislator has neglected the qualities of the money.
What is the situation?
Gold money is secured with gold. Unreal money is not secured with gold.
Gold money has a lasting economic value. They have a sustainable participation in economic processes. They are limited, ie. no suitability for permanent use.
Non-golden money facilitates grace. This regularity is universally accepted.
The Central Bank (CB) has introduced non-gold money. This money has no lasting economic value. In creating conditions, non-golden money changes its economic value. They are unsustainably involved in economic processes. It is necessary to build a complex structure for managing the monetary system with non-golden money.
The CB is responsible for the bold application of non-gold money. The complexity of business processes prevents the CB from preserving the economic value of money. There are problems in using money. Imbalances are formed. There are damages and sufferings in bankruptcy, bankruptcy, inflation, and others. It is clear that the local and / or complete interventions of the CB have arisen.
The CB has substantial opposites: (1) benefits from graceful participations and (2) damage from harmful interference on the holding.
The CB can not achieve the most graceful application of non-golden money.
In October 2018, US President Donald Trump publicly presented the truth that the biggest threat to the US president is the US Federal Reserve System. Similarly to the United States, in each country the CB damage strikes the government.
It is necessary to help the CB for a more benign application of non-golden money.
Ministers support the CB through the implementation of economic growth. The objective is to increase CB benefits to counteract damage from CBs. The approach has little beneficial effect. Under the same conditions, economic growth requires the introduction of extra money. An environment for new harmful CB interventions is created. The danger of economic collapse is increasing. The government borrows to save itself from a crisis. Reproducing this approach has the same results.

Example: Each country served only with economic growth to counteract damage from the CB (in sufficient time) was ruined by a catastrophic crisis.

For three centuries modern civilization suffers from unlimited damage from the CB. Because of the local occurrence of a world mistake, the more the government is doing for economic growth - the more suffering is. The Prime Minister has a failed failure.

Example: Damage from the harmful interventions of the European Central Bank has ensured the political failure of German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The opposing roles of the CB are still overlooked. The lack of protection against damage by the CB is the leading cause of the current difficulties.
Salvation from public evil is possible with protection from damage by the CB.
The options are:
First: Without protection from damage from the CB - the suffering grows.
Second: With the protection against damage, the CB has ceased to be the leading cause of present suffering.

Ivan Mitev – economist

The translation from Bulgarian into English is with Google translator.

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